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Your Preferred Office Glasswall

Updated: May 7, 2021

Aesthetics functionable wall design from Hufcor Acoustical Operable Glasswall

The Roman has been using glass for architectural purposes since clear glass was discovered in Alexandria around AD 100. Glass continues to play an integral part in today’s modern architectural expression.

When it comes to remodelling or renovating an office space, the interior aesthetic functionalism theme challenges the interior designers in harmonising, integrating, and transforming ideas into today’s modern office space. Glasswalls are no longer considered for aesthetic but also its functional practicalities that includes sound transmission control, better space management with the operable and demountable walls that contributes to the Green Environment agenda.

Hufcor Glass Series has one of the best-in-class glass partition for demountable walls and operable walls. It has one of the highest sound management walls, a sound transmission class (STC) ranging up to 48 that maximises room privacy.

Both the single-glazed and double-glazed systems come with various design layout options and stacking options to meet your design needs. The new and improved Hufcor Glass Series has high acoustics properties, comes with full door height door leaves and upgradable with privacy glass and semi-automatic operable wall functions. Additionally, Hufcor Glass Series has the ability to incorporate multi-media screens.

Besides, you can also upbeat your glasswall with sticker finishing film that set the identity of your organisation. Check out some of our glass wall projects below!

Hufcor Glasswall

Hufcor 5000G Designer Series Hugh-acoustic durable operable glasswall with black powder coated aluminium frame suitable for corporate executive meeting rooms.

GF Designer Series single-glazed paired glass panel for meeting room or quick set break up rooms.

Hufcor Glasswall

GL Designer Series, is an ideal frameless glasswall designed for retail outlets to showcase their products.

We have recently launched a premium series of corporate office glass wall. Tell us your space management requirement and we will suggest you the best glasswall based on your requirements. To check out our series of products, please visit or give us a call at +603 6038 3833.

Hufcor Malaysia:

Our expertise in building the material solutions for Malaysia top operable partition wall will leave you satisfied with our careful and professional installations. As the best glass partition wall manufacturer in Malaysia, we ensure our services’ high quality in setting up the best glass office partitions in Malaysia according to your preferences. Our glass wall partition in Malaysia is the most preferred partition among our customers to modernise their building.


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