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Hufcor Operable Wall: Various Room Space with Unlimited Design Freedom

The “Lebendige Haus Leipzig” is located directly at Leipzig's Augustusplatz. After years of vacancy, the building was revitalised between 2016 and 2018 into a multifunctional property and offers, among other things, gastronomy, co-working areas, fitness, offices, and hotel space. In the event and gastronomy sector called “Felix Club”, variable-use rooms with almost unlimited freedom of design were created. Panoramic glazing offers an impressive view over the entire Augustusplatz.

A conference and event area of 360m2 was to be designed in such a way that the space could be used individually according to customer requirements. HUFCOR type 100 mobile partition walls were the perfect solution for a flexible interior design. Whether an open conference room or several closed meeting rooms, various room configurations can be implemented in minutes. A special anti-fingerprint surface was chosen to match the design interiors. The supermatt surface in black blends stylishly into the overall concept and offers both a timeless design and less cleaning effort, as fingerprints are not visible.

Hufcor Malaysia:

Our expertise in building the material solutions for Malaysia top operable partition wall will leave you satisfied with our careful and professional installations. As the best glass partition wall manufacturer in Malaysia, we ensure our services’ high quality in setting up the best glass office partitions in Malaysia according to your preferences. Our glass wall partition in Malaysia is the most preferred partition among our customers to modernise their building.


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