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Summit by HUFCOR. Retractable Partition Walls without the Fold

For decades, Hufcor has provided a complete line of retractable partition wall systems to provide customers with temporary, flexible space division. Hufcor is pleased to announce that our newest product for automated space division, Summit® vertical lift partition, is being installed throughout the US and Canada. Hufcor launched the patent-pending Summit automatic vertical lift partition in the fall of 2011. Since then, architects, contractors and end-users have all given thumbs up to this new automated retractable wall system for its clean lines, ease of operation, and acoustical performance.

The photograph above is an actual installation of Summit in an international bank’s US headquarters. The Summit vertical lift panels stack above the ceiling and offer an alternative to the “accordion style” vertical folding systems currently on the market. Vertically stacking operable partitions were designed for customers to divide a space without the need for in-room stacking closets found with traditional operable walls.

Before Hufcor’s new Summit partition, the only alternative was a vertical wall, similar to an accordion door, that folds up into the ceiling. A massive storage closet or trench must be built in the ceiling and across the entire room to store the accordion-style vertically folding door. When retracted, the door is still visible in the room.

Although the need for floor storage is eliminated with both systems, Hufcor’s new Summit works completely different from the accordion-style products. The differences between Summit and the other vertical folding product is demonstrated in this short animation.

Summit automated vertical operable walls offer many advantages:

  • stacks above the ceiling through a narrow slot for improved in room aesthetics

  • single piece, rigid steel framed panels – the same as Hufcor standard panel construction

  • no internal movable parts within the panels for ease of service

  • acoustic performance to 51 STC, the same as the accordion-style vertically stacking systems

  • multiple safety systems including “free-fall” load arrestors and lead edge auto reverse

  • narrow panel profile with side guides for proven acoustics and seismic stability

  • panels engage above the ceiling thus eliminating pinch points between panels during operation

The following video demonstrates how smooth the Summit operates.

Summit by Hufcor is easy to design into a project and offers a new way to separate space. Hufcor can assist with static load calculations, BIM models and full CAD drawings for designers looking to divide space with a vertical lift system. As more Summits are installed, Hufcor will keep you up to date on these case studies as a way to stimulate ideas and demonstrate to customers the new alternative to the accordion style vertical folding systems. For more information, contact us today. See why things are stacking up quite nicely for the new Summit automated vertical retractable partition walls by Hufcor.

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