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KLCC Returned for More

Updated: May 7, 2021

Premium Operable Wall for Global Player

Being the trusted MICE partner worldwide, HUFCOR has been providing our clients with highly competitive and adaptable operable walls in tandem with the changing market needs. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) is one of our premium clients where HUFCOR provides a one-stop solution from conceptual, design and built, site management, installation, on-site independent acoustical certification, and service maintenance. The success story of KLCC and the unique patented signature features of HUFCOR’s and maintenance service reliabilities has led us to secure the KLCC 2nd phase that has since in operation.

HUFCOR has over 100 years of global experience in providing top-of-the-line flexible products that incorporating the needs of our valued customers to achieve maximum space flexibility, maximising customer’s business Return on Investment. KLCC operates on a five-level purpose-built facility and encompasses about 243,900 sqm of flexible multi-purpose function space convention hall and breakup rooms. The KLCC phase 2 project comprises of nine different construction panels designs with opening-width ranges up to 28,000 mm and of opening-height up to 9,000 mm. About 200 panels were specially designed and manufactured based for these added 3 levels of floor space. Whereas the first phase of KLCC consist about 260 panels with an opening-width ranges up to 32,000 mm and opening-height ranges up to 9,000 mm.

KLCC Ballroom designed with service passage between operable walls

The high wall panels come with an easy to operate operable walls, that provides the desired level of privacy for conducive meeting experience. An independent acoustical site testing conducted rated HUFCOR walls up to a commendable Noise Isolation Class (NIC) 63 dB, while continue to be flexible, allowing aesthetic finishes per the design intent. The operable wall panels were installed with HUFCOR’s state-of-the-art Half Crank Quick-SetTM mechanism, that allows for a quick wall set-up during peak seasons where events are packed with back to back without compromising the acoustic performance.

KLCC break-up meeting room

The heavy-duty tracking used further enhanced the user experience by providing low maintenance, zero downtime, yet an easy to use wall operating system. As a renown global MICE player, KLCC invested in our premium series as they understand industry’s high-quality standards where it boils down to managing efficiency and competitiveness that propels their success story.

KL Convention Centre, Malaysia

Besides KLCC projects, we also had recently offered our innovative solutions for premium clients such as the Doha Exhibition & Convention Centre (DECC), International Convention Centre Wales (ICCW), Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre (SECC ), premium hospitality, corporate office clientele and many more.

International Convention Centre Wales (ICCW), United Kingdom

Expo Hall Bordeaux, France

We have recently launched a premium series corporate office glass walls. To check out our series of products, please visit or give us a call at +603 6038 3833.

Hufcor Malaysia:

Our expertise in building the material solutions for Malaysia top operable partition wall will leave you satisfied with our careful and professional installations. As the best glass partition wall manufacturer in Malaysia, we ensure our services’ high quality in setting up the best glass office partitions in Malaysia according to your preferences. Our glass wall partition in Malaysia is the most preferred partition among our customers to modernise their building.


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