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Hufcor High Operable Wall Series

HUFCOR is a well-known name for an operable wall around the globe for providing top-of-the-line flexible products for space management. The series is developed to fulfil the below key criteria:

  • Best-in-class operable wall for more than 6-metre height

  • An optimal solution for all tall space management requirement like convention centres and hotel

  • High acoustic performance up to STC 55

  • Maximum space management flexibility

Series of High Operable wall

Types of Panels:

Omni-Directional Panels

Omni-directional panels provide the ultimate flexible solution because each panel can be moved and easily rotated into any position or storage location. With this flexibility, multiple layout options can be created to manage your floor design most efficiently.

Paired Panels

As for paired panels, it provides the quickest and easiest setup due to centre-hung panels hinged in sets of two or three at a time. Options include hingling suited for moulding or decorative trim.

Storage layout options:

Easy storage option for both types of panels.

HUFCOR 7000 Series storage layout options

To understand more about our Hufcor 7000 Operable wall series, please visit

A compilation of HUFCOR Highwall series around the globe.

For more information about HUFCOR South Asia products, please visit:

Hufcor Malaysia:

Our expertise in building the material solutions for Malaysia top operable partition wall will leave you satisfied with our careful and professional installations. As the best glass partition wall manufacturer in Malaysia, we ensure our services’ high quality in setting up the best glass office partitions in Malaysia according to your preferences. Our glass wall partition in Malaysia is the most preferred partition among our customers to modernise their building.


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