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Feel safer with HUFCOR Protective Partitions

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Protecting workers’ health and guaranteeing a safe and healthy workplace today is more essential than ever. Hufcor hygienic protective partition wall was developed not only for workplace, but it is also suitable for schools and areas where contact with the public is required. Hufcor partition provides a safe social distancing between you and your surroundings.

Hufcor offers three new product lines to support architects and designers to provide a safer environment as social distancing protocols will require greater spatial separation without compromising the aesthetics.

Protection Partitions are fabricated with high quality and low maintenance material components. The portable partitions are designed to create instant barriers when a beautiful, fast, modular and durable space separation is required.

Hufcor Cubicle Partitions

At Hufcor, we have been following the COVID situation since it began. While life may not be completely back to normal, we have developed a series of products offerings that will protect everyone when we get back to their daily routine.

These products-we call them Protective Partitions, that compliments the need of social distancing while indoors. Freestanding Partitions create an instant barrier of protection while Roller Partitions create the same and provide a much longer span of up to 26 feet in length when connected. The Cubicle Partitions comes with multiple individual panel configuration to suit your space requirement. They are also extremely easy to clean and sanitized.

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Our expertise in building the material solutions for Malaysia top operable partition wall will leave you satisfied with our careful and professional installations. As the best glass partition wall manufacturer in Malaysia, we ensure our services’ high quality in setting up the best glass office partitions in Malaysia according to your preferences. Our glass wall partition in Malaysia is the most preferred partition among our customers to modernise their building.


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